Thursday, 20 September 2012

That's handy......

Do you like my new shopping bag?  I'm rather pleased with it.  Still using up all the bits and pieces of my material I seemed to have accumilated over the year since I got my sewing machine back out of the depths of my cupboard.
I've been sewing since I was about 7.  My nan bought me my first sewing machine which looked something like this

she was very keen for me to learn the art of sewing as she too was a seamstress for Burberry's.  Under her guidance I made many a dolls clothes and even made an apron and a petticoat for myself (gosh I'm showing my age now, who wears petticoats nowadays and would the youth know what one was!)  Whilst at school I was not very good at home economics so I was relegated placed into the sewing class (they informed me that I had a better chance of passing O'level textiles than cooking - what a cheek) and in these lessons was where I used my first electric sewing machine (nan wouldn't let me no where near hers). 
Oh the joy of going fast and in a straight line too.  I then started to save all my pennies for my own electric machine.
Over the next few years (the teenage years) I sort of lost interest in anything that made me been seen as anything remotely good so my pennies were spent on other things (make up, platform shoes and clothes). 
It wasn't until my nan passed away and my mum, who being a larger lady, needed some new clothes I decided to dust the machine off and make her some.  I then fell in love with sewing all over again and self taught myself a few techniques.
Inbetween then and buying my first house the only time the sewing machine made a visit out of the cupboard was to make cushions and curtains but recently I've discovered the joys once again and have been easing myself back into the sewing zone again.
So what's next?  I'm enjoying sewing my bags and patchwork quilts and cushions.  Perhaps I need to gain my confidence and buy a pattern to make something for myself again, perhaps a pencil skirt? I made one of those 25 years ago and as fashion has done a full circle they seem to be trendy again, or I could look out for a t-dress pattern and make a dress to wear whilst riding Lillibet next year.....oooh now that's a good idea :-)
Love to all.
Lynetta Xx

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