Monday, 3 September 2012

Week 33 - Blueberry and Lemon Curd Cake

Quote from Website -  Kids can help make this simple springtime treat -
delicious with extra lemon curd and yogurt as a pud, or serve with a cuppa. 
 Faff Factor = 8
Bake = 7
Keeping Up Appearances = 7
Total score = 22/30
This may seem a really silly thing to say but I have numerous amount of cook books and what have I been doing recently - finding scrummy recipes on the Good Food website.  Do you think I should subscribe to their monthly magazine?
This week's bake was a blueberry and lemon curd cake.  I'm not a lover of blueberries as I find them rather tart but once cooked, as I've found, they are rather delicious. Just a shame they all sunk to the bottom of the cake.
This is a really easy recipe and would agree with the quote, a child could easily help make this.  Once again I used the new liquid stork and I've found it gives the sponge a really lovely yellow colour, more so than butter.  After whisking everything together I plonked  poured in the required amount of batter and placed a layer of blueberries.  I read somewhere that when cooking with fruit if you roll it in flour it will not sink to the bottom, sadly after rolling and placing in the batter mine immediatly sank, Oh dear.  I think it may of been because using the liquid stork the batter was quite runny, so next time (and yes it is rather scrummy) I bake I will use butter.
As you will notice from the recipe instead of making the lemon icing on the top I made a syrup and poured over the top, aka lemon drizzle styley, but next time I will change this to the given topping, why I thought about changing the icing I don't know, must of been one of my moments :-).
All in all the taste was delicious, no real faffing as I managed to make this, in the oven all cleaned up within 20 minutes so that's good going. I've learned my lesson for this week that baking with fruit requires more of a thicker mix so when I bake this again I will make these amendments and obviously I will report back.
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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