Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Week 34 - Chocolate caramel slices

Quote from book -  traditional biscuit bases covered with gooey delicious caramel
and topped with melted chocolate.  Rich but fabulous 
 - The Women's Institute vintage teatime book.
Faff Factor = 7
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 25/30
I was starting to lose a little faith in this book as my two previous bakes have not been such a success BUT (and did you see that BIG BUT) I was not disappointed with this cake.  In fact I ate quite a lot of it which is unusual for me because believe it or not I only have a small slither or slice of my bakes just to give my verdict and opinion to you before the boys take their chunks and then I give the rest to friends, family and work collegues.
These little gems are commonly known as Millionaires Shortbread and my bake was just as the quote described them to be.
The biscuit base just came together easily, or is it that I am getting more confident with baking and making dough by hand? time will tell when I make these again. 
I like the fact that whilst the biscuit is cooking you can quickly wash up and start the caramel.  I made this to the exact method it states, stirring continuously for 7 minutes exactly whilst simmering.  I even set my timer!
My panic set in as the recipe given was for a 7 inch square tin and the smallest I had was 9 inches.  That's quite a difference so I added half the ingredients again to compensate the extra size and so glad I did as each layer turned out just the right thickness and not thin as I'm sure it would before making this adjustment.
The faff factor is only a 7 as it is a little time consuming waiting for things to cool down in between the next stage but I occupied myself with reading the newspaper and drinking more tea whilst it all set before cutting up into small pieces which I recommend you do as it is very very sweet.
I'm really chuffed with this bake and felt a million dollars eating my millionaires shortbread.
Lynetta Xx

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