Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 36 - Bara Brith

Quote from book -  Dried fruit steeped in strong tea makes this cake moist and tasty
 - Mary Berry's complete cookbook.
Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 10
Total score = 28/30
OK I'll admit it, I have made this cake a few times before but from this recipe here. This time I decided to use Mary's recipe which is very similar and once again I ommitted the cherries as I didn't have any in the house.  Note to self - buy glace cherries as you love them. 
I also needed to make up a few challenges as I'm 3 behind and I needed to make 2 cakes this week for the Macmillan Tea and Coffee morning.  Phew...I've been a busy girl :-) so with all this in mind I needed a fool proof cake that is quick and easy. 
Bring on the Bara Brith.
Anyone can make this cake, (yes you can it's really easy) hence the high score, no faff and hardly any washing up.  I love the fact you soak the fruit over night and then in the morning just add all the other ingredients, give it a quick stir and plop it in the baking tin, then put it in the oven for an hour and half and smell the aroma around the kitchen.  Once a little cool cut a slice (and if you feel really naughty smother with butter) and eat with a nice cuppa.  I always justify having mine with butter as none is used in the actual bake.
Jack adores this cake and I make it for lunch boxes as it keeps rather well (ok  so that's a little white lie as it only last for about 2 days in our house as it is so moreish).
I'm also glad to say Mary's recipe was just as successful and one to make again and again. 
Thumbs up from me :-)
Lynetta Xx

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