Monday, 29 October 2012

A Funny Coincidence?

What should have been a happy event for me last friday sadly turned into a nightmare.  We took delivery and installation of the new cooker, the engineer made sure all was working before he left but when we went to make our dinner a few hours later the oven made some very weird sounds and the gas flame was flickery and making a dreadful noise. 
I spent the next 2 hours on the phone to the customer service department, being passed from one person to another and waiting for call backs from the store who is never knowingly undersold!  Finally after trying to be ever so diplomatic they will be replacing my oven on monday.
So needing a little cheerying up on Saturday I went out for the afternoon with my dear friend Sarah.  We popped into Windsor to a food and Christmas Fayre which was OK but nothing to really blog about. On the way back home we had a little quick stop off at Moss End Garden centre.
It's a lovely little place with not only the garden centre but a small indoor food market selling local produce and not forgetting the tat shops out the back.  I went into the second hand book shop and found an original copy of Delia's Book of cakes (circa 1977) for a bargain of £3.50 it's made it's way home to my book shelf. 
On Sunday morning whilst surfing the net I happened to link on to Delia's website.  I'm not sure if you have things like this happen to you but I found it a funny coincidence that the very same book is having an overhaul and being republished with the original recipes and more in February 2013. Spooky!
So that's one book I don't need to buy once released as I'm more than happy with my original copy.  All I need now is my new cooker and to get back on track with my challenge so I can give one of her recipes a go. 
Watch this space.
Lynetta Xx

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