Thursday, 18 October 2012

Something old!.....................

When Jack was very little and I first started to read to him I always thought of my very first book, you know the one where you can choose and buy with your own hard earned pocket money, well my first book was Little Miss Rivers and Little Miss Bridges by Caroline Symons.  I adored this book and I'm sure it gave me the interest in Victorian/Georgian era's, one which I am very fond of today. This got me thinking that I would love to read it again so with nothing better to do I sourced myself a copy. Oh my, when I received the book memories came flooding back.  The cover was as I remembered and it felt just right to hold and read it again.  I surprised myself that I read this book when I was about 9 and realised I was quite a good reader for my age.
Since then I've been adding my childhood books to my little library.  Some second hand when I see them at fayres or fetes and some that I've purchased new copies of.  One book being Mandy.  This book was written by Julie Andrews under her real name of Edwards.  I have since learnt that my mum still has my original copy in the loft back home so one day I will retrieve it. 
Another book which I totally lost myself in when I was little was any MillyMollyMandy stories.  I loved the first page of the books as they always had a map of the village. I used to very carefully colour it in in pencils (shock horror).  To my surprise when in Lyme Regis the other year my friend Neil spotted one in the flea market and I really had to laugh as the little girl who owned this book also coloured in MillyMollyMandy's dress, so I wasn't the only one then.
I'm sure over the coming years I'll remember even more books that I read in my childhood and add to my little collection which is coming along nicely. 
I'm also  thinking I should look out for Blue Peter Albums as I loved getting one of these for my Christmas present every year, but I'm sure they are more of a collectors item so maybe a little too much for what I am prepared to pay for, but then on the other hand!  I think I better get on ebay and have a look, don't you?
Toodle Pip
Lynetta Xx

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