Tuesday, 9 October 2012

this baking malarky.......

It seems as though my challenge is taking me over. For some reason I'm all enthused again and am constantly looking at my books to find my next bake.  I think I may have procrastinated too long as I've been looking for a nice recipe using bananas and in the time it had taken me to find one they had over rippened, they had gone really black and were so squidgy squashy they could not be used. Oh well, I'll ear mark that page ready for when I have some more in the fruit bowl to be used but I had a good time snuggled on the sofa reading my baking books.  A good time is not a waste of time I say.
As you'll notice from the picture I've tried my hand at a pastry dish again this week.  I felt more confident making it again and the result was fab but I'll tell you all about that soon.
Other news this week...........................I've been asked to make my great nephews birthday cake.  He will be 2 this week and we are visiting at the weekend.  I'm no cake decorator by any means and so I've come up with a cunning plan to make some bunting and flags to go on the top, well no use having the skills in making things with paper and scissors if I'm not going to put them to good use, don't you think?  Keeping fingers crossed it all goes to plan.
OK I'm off now to watch Great British Bake semi final....
Toodle pip
Lynetta Xx

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