Friday, 5 October 2012

Week 37 - Cinnamon and Sugar Popovers

Children will love these; they are almost like those doughnuts that
you buy at the seafront but without the deep-fat frying.
  - Jo Wheatley A Passion for Baking.
Faff Factor = 8
Bake = 6
Keeping Up Appearances = 8
Total score = 24/30
Oh dear, sorry Jo but I have to disagree with your comments about these tasting like doughnuts as basically they are yorkshire puddings with cinnamon sugar sprinkled over.  I was mildly dissappointed with this bake.  I wanted something quick and easy as I had already baked 2 cakes on Thursday for the Macmillan morning so flitting through my books and finding this recipe I thought I had hit gold.
Don't get me wrong, they tasted ok but they needed to be eaten straight away because once cold they were a little soggy, probably due to the amount of butter you need to brush over the popovers before coating in sugar.
I've not much to write about this bake as it only involved whisking the ingredients together and placing a spoonful in each hole in the tin (which had very hot oil in) and bake, just like a yorkshire pud, however I've learned a valuable lesson this week, the recipe is a keeper (minus the cinnamon sugar bit) as I can now make Yorkshire Puds. Move on over Aunt Bessie, Lyn's in the house :-)
Toodle Pip
Lynetta Xx

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