Friday, 19 October 2012

Week 39 - Vanilla Birthday Cake

  Jo Wheatley, Peggy Porschen and Mary Berry
Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 27/30
You may think I'm doing a little cheat for this week only baking a vanilla cake but I wanted to blow my own trumpet, I hope you don't mind?  This was the first time I've tweaked and played around with a recipe.  I used the vanilla cake recipe from Jo Wheatley's book and I must say that once again the instructions and bake was superb. 
From here I used Peggy Porschen's method of making a sugar syrup and coating whilst cooling in the tins, let cool and wrap in clingfilm overnight.  This helps in keeping the cake moist once buttercreamed and I must admit you would of thought it had just been baked it was scrummylicious. 
From here I used Mary Berry's buttercream recipe, good ol' Mary, comes up trumps yet again, it was a light and fluffy texture, easy to spread and tasted just right not being too sweet. 
Ken certainly went through his paces this weekend as I creamed the butter and icing for the covering for over 10 mintues on a slow speed and obviously patience makes perfect.
My lesson learned this week - You can do it, you can bake a really really good vanilla birthday cake, whoop whoop way to go Lyn. There, that's my trumpet blown! :-)
Have a fab Friday.
Lynetta Xx

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