Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 40 - Vanilla Cupcakes

Pretty Witty Cupcakes
Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 27/30
If you remember back last year as a birthday treat from Sarah I went along to Pretty Witty Cupcakes on a day's baking course. This week was the first time I've made cupcakes since my visit and as my cooker is broken I've been a little cheeky and used my double bake day  from last weekend as this week's challenge.
I know some of you would say 'well that's not much of a challenge' but I just wanted it to be known these are the best cupcakes and buttercream recipe I've ever made. 
I've nothing more to add other than they are so simple to make (but follow the instructions to the letter) as yet again I've received a near on perfect result.
If you want to give them a try for yourself go here for the recipe.
Enjoy and happy baking.

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