Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Perhaps that's it?

Oh my, I've been a little lazy on updating this little ol' blog here over the last couple of weeks and I really can't pinpoint why that is.  I've not been uber busy, just the opposite really and plodding along with everyday life.  Perhaps that's it? Perhaps I've just got nothing to say (now there's a first!)
With my cooker problems I've not really got back into the baking challenge as yet, could that be because I don't like failure and need to get familiar with my new oven?  Perhap's that's it?
I've got many knitting projects that I could be starting now the weather has taken a turn and the nights are drawing in, or should I be finishing my crotchet cushion project before starting another?  Perhaps that's it?
I've recently located a crop in my area so I could start scrapbooking again, but then I've not been taking photo's of Jack on a regular basis to do any layouts of any worth so why create something out of a necessity rather than for the love of the art?  Perhap's that's it?
It'll be my birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm being asked for ideas for a present but I really really cannot say what I would like, have I got to the age where I've got everything that I need?  Perhaps that's it?
But one thing for sure I'm happy plodding along in my little life, I'm happy having a routine, I'm happy having simple uncomplicated days so why try and change something that isn't broken?
Yes that's it! I'm happy :-)
Lynetta Xx

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