Friday, 18 November 2011

Plant a tree for Jubilee

Oh my, you can imagine my excitement whilst I was watching The One Show recently about planting a tree for Jubillee.  To celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth ll's historic 2012 Diamond Jubilee, the Woodland Trust is helping millions of people across the UK to come together to plant 6 million trees. So off I went to investigate a little more and spent a little time reading about The Royal Record .  It is an incredicble record detailing all the tree planting undertaken by thousands of schools, parishes, organisations and homeowners in 1936/37, in gardens, parks and public spaces.  The names were recorded  of who and where the trees were planted then a book was printed and presented to King George VI.  This book has now been digitilised so everyone can have the opportunity of reading.  You can see more HERE 
As this exciting project is happening again for our present Queen and I thought to myself 'I want to be part of this', so I have made a pledge to plant a tree (size and variety to be decided but I am looking for something small or even to go in a pot) and I will definitley be Planting a Tree for Jubillee. Will You? - go on you know you want to.
I'll let you know what I've planted next year and just think The Queen will be presented with a book with my name in it.  Makes me happy :-)
See you soon, have a great weekend.

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