Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Where's the cherries?

Never one to miss a cooking programme I have been catching up with the CBBC children's series of The Junior Bake Off, an exciting series where 32 bakers take on the greatest baking battle of challenges where they bake cakes, biscuits, bread and pastries all competing to be crowned ‘Junior Bake Off’ Champion.  It was an inspiring series to watch and I felt really proud to see these kids happy in the kitchen.  This also gave me the urge to make one of my tea time favourites, Yorkshire Tea Cake.  I just love this cake and it really goes down well with a nice cuppa on a sunday afternoon watching some TV. I soaked my fruit the night before, went to the cupboard for the rest of the supplies and realised I did not have any cherries.  Off I trot to the big supermarket, all sold out! 2 other shops too.  Then I realised, it's 6 weeks before christmas and everyone is baking their Christmas Cake but come on, how can 3 big shops be out of cherries?  Oh well never mind this time around I will have to do without.  You'll find the recipe from the link over there on the right titled Successful Recipes. 
Autumn is nearly over, it may of started late but it's finishing right on time ready for the colder weather to set in. We have been spoiled so far with glorious 17 degree days with plently of sunshine.  I think the only 2 things I do not like about the cold weather is the threat of my boiler breaking down again and having to get up early on Saturday mornings to watch Jack play football (like most people I would prefer to stay in bed for the extra hour snuggled up) but I enjoy watching him and very proud of his sporting career.
Tomorrow my friend Sarah is coming around to do a spot of 'Stich and Bitch', I am looking forward to starting my retro apron, trying to adapt the pattern above with a little bit of one ,and a little bit of the other, ready for my treat in a weeks time for my birthday.  I am a lucky girl as Sarah has bought me a class with Pretty Witty Cakes, I am so looking forward to this and will let you all know all about it.

Lynetta Xx


  1. Wow Lynetta, you lucky duck indeed. Hope you have a wonderful time at class, look forward to hearing all about it. :D

  2. I am a lucky duck too - to have a friend like Lynee! She helped me make my apron for our trip to Pretty Witty Cakes.