Friday, 19 August 2011

Stitch and Bitch!

Itchy hand syndrome? Tense nervous twitch? Well why not try a hobby you've not visited for 15 years.  So with this in mind out comes the sewing machine and the thinking cap.
I have always wanted a tradtitional row of bunting, so with my Pic (Partner in crime) Sarah off we trot to Reading to visit a fabric shop. 1 1/2 hours later with huge smiles on our faces we have chosen our material and head back to get started.  We had a lovely afternoon and evening cutting and sewing with the end result more than I could of imagined.
We both had a good giggle at the amount of fabric we had remaining, and to think when we were in the shop we were both worrying we may not have enough, ha ha ha.....
So what to do with the remaining metres? - no joke we bought far too much - and as the bunting will be used to go over my tent I decided to make a patchwork cushion to match.  My first attempt at patchwork and chuffed to bits :-)
and if anyone is interested you can get a great tutorial for log cabin patchwork HERE! 

BTW, still have so much material left and will now be making a patchwork throw to keep me warm too.  Oooh I'm going to look all posh around the campsite now.  Watch this space.
TTFN :-)  Lynetta

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  1. Pic, you are a wonderful teacher - I too have had so much fun creating. Let the fun continue xx