Thursday, 25 August 2011

Jolly Jaunt #2

This year I decided to go and visit my sister 'Up North all on my own.  So packed with a lunch box, bottle of water and a re-tune of the OH's car into Capital radio off I jolly well went on Jolly Jaunt #2 for this summer.  I'd forgotten what a long and boring journey 311 miles can be on your own but at least the weather was good for my journey, more than I can say for the return where I got pretty scared on the A1(M) as the rain was pelting down and at one point I could not see more than 10 metres in from of me!
Although this was a really quick visit it is the first time in over 15 years that I have made it  without the boys and had some days planned out to spend quality time with my sister (shopping time really).
But once again the weather got the better of us and our planned trip to Yorkshire did not happen and my dream of a Betty's Tea Room afternoon tea will have to wait until a later date. We did however manage to get into Newcastle for a 12 hour mammoth spree (mostly my sister I may add).  It is an eye opener to go shopping with an enthusiastic (compulsive) shoppahollic and it goes something like this - walk into shop, scour rails of sale items, pick up at least 10 of said items, go to changing room and wait 15 minutes to try on, squeeze yourself into a size 8 because the size is on the wrong hanger, complain that the fit is all wrong  (I then notice the wrong size), laugh myself silly because my sister looks like Matt Lucas as The Only Gay in the Village, I don't stop laughing for the rest of the day, thanks for the memory Sis. 
It was also great to see my Nephew and his girlfriend and I vowed not to leave it so long until my next visit se we have decided to make it an annual event, perhaps next year I will get to Betty's. Fingers Crossed.
Well it's back to normality for me for a couple of days until my next little Jolly Jaunt to Poole. We are going camping with friends, just hope the weather cheers up before then otherwise it's wellies and water proofs!
Toodle Pip!

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  1. Oh you must get back and go to Bettys, one of my favourite spots. Last time we were in Harrogate we went for Dinner and it was lovely, I'd only ever been there for coffee and cakes in the past, but really enjoyed a 'proper meal'.