Thursday, 1 December 2011

December daily.......Would you?

In 2009 I took part in posting a photo every day throughout December on my facebook account and in 2010 I tried something different and posted a Keep Calm and ..........(insert a quote here), much to the amusement of my friends.  It's also a sort of trend throughout the scrapping world to make a Journal Your Christmas scrapbook, for me it's too much hard work trying to get the book created and organised ready to roll with it on December 1st so I've never really took part but if anyone is interested look HERE. This is Shimelle who created and runs this fantastic event, please take a look so you can see her wonderful creations.   
This year I have my blog so I've decided to mix a bit of both, posting some photo's from 2009, some quotes from 2010 and where possible post some different photo's from 2011. 
So in honour of December 1st the photo is of the advent calendar I made for Ian from the 1st Christmas we celebrated together (15 years ago).  Jack inherited this on his 1st Christmas and even though he's 13 1/2 he still looks forward to counting down the days, not to mention the chocolates.  I hope I can start to get excited about Christmas, the last 2 years I have had something happen to dampen my spirits.  Last year it was flights being cancelled because of snow so I did not get to the German Market in Dusseldorf with my friend Sarah and the year before my boiler breaking down, come to think of it I believe they both happened on December 18th (note to self must ensure nothing untowards happens this year on this date).
I hope I can upload something everyday (time permitting) as I think it will be great to look back on and see what I was doing this year.
And my Keep Calm for today is........................
Happy Day's
Lynetta Xx

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