Saturday, 17 November 2012


On Friday the whole nation got behind a big fluffy yellow bear called Pudsey and helped raise £27.4m (figure as of today but with pledges it has been estimated around £42m).  I love Children in Need, it's one of those times when working in a school is so exciting or is that my excuse to dress up?  This year we had a PJ day and I managed to bag myself a little bargain with the t-shirt above and teamed it up with a starry pair of bottoms.  The children were so excited to see Miss B (that's me) in her pj's and thought it really funny, however after a few hours at work I became very lethargic and lazy and really didn't get much work done - but then it's a fun day so I was excused by the Headteacher to play.
In the evening I settled down and watched the show from the beginning to end.  I must say that I think one of the presenters (naming no names but the oldest one) is a little past his prime and needs to hand over the reigns to someone new and exciting as he is very lack lustre in his presentation but other than that the show once again was funny and entertaining.
I was touched as well as horrified to hear of the stories of children having to care for their mum through illness, of a family who lost their 2 children to a crippling disease and of the abuse children are put through.  This is one fundraiser I support fully as all the money is given to UK Charities and as they say Charity begins at home.
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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