Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mini, Miranda and me!

After making the decision to get techy with it and spending hours deliberating I finally took the plunge and agreed to have an e-reader.  The next big decision was which one - Kindle Fire or mini iPad, and as you can see I went for the iPad, mainly because the boys both have Mac's so we can face time, share with the cloud amongst other things.
I'm really happy with my mini and I decided to order directly from Apple to take the opportunity of having the free engraving.  Mine says 'Lynetta's litte pad of joy' and it makes me smile when I read that.
I've been familiarising myself with all the different and wonderful things it can do and have already downloaded a few books ready to read, but I couldn't resist buying (and to be honest I know I would always want to) a real book, mainly because it was cheaper as a hard copy than an e-copy, of my favourite comedian Miranda Hart.  There's just something about Miranda that tickles me and I cannot help but laugh at her television programme.  Here's hoping her book is just as funny, which I'm sure it will be, as with these long winter nights coming in I'll be wanting something chipper to read.
Lynetta Xx

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