Monday, 21 January 2013

Week 47 - Shortbread

Traditionally associated with Scotland, classic shortbread is perfect for a
vintage afternoon tea wherever you are  - The WI Vintage Teatime
Faff Factor = 8
Bake = 7
Keeping Up Appearances = 8
Total score = 25/30
A few years ago I bought my mum the classic shortbread mould from Lakeland hoping that she may get the baking bug.  Sadly that idea never materialised and whilst rummaging through mum's cupboards the other month I found the said gift still in its box.  A lucky find for me as I've been wanting to have a go at making shortbread on my challenge and this gave me the opportunity to do it in style.
All of my books contain nearly the exact same recipe for all butter shortbread and I decided to give the WI book another outing from the shelves.
The mixture came together very easy, I do love getting my hands dirty, however I did add a little milk as it was not binding together as directed by the recipe.
Once baked I left it in the mould to completely cool before tipping out. I think this is a glorious moment when you tip out a cake, turn over a tart or this case the mould to see if the underside (now the topside) looks good.  I was mildly disappointed to find I did not press the mixture in enough on certain areas but once I sprinkled with caster sugar that kind of covered up the imperfection.  Also I think I placed too much mixture into the mould as it was rather thick and the very centre was not quite cooked through, but the boys said it tasted of cookie dough and not to fret. Phew, my critics saved my day.
I personally thought it was a little tasteless and could do with something added.  I may have to investigate a little further to see what I can add and give this one another go to try and get the texture, impression and taste just right for me.
Ohh, and notice my new tea towel, all the way from Fortnum and Mason from my little Christmas trip . It is the Jubilee commemorative tea towel for the bargain knock down price of £2.50 from £15.00.  Just love a bargain:-)
Toot Toot
Lynetta Xx

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