Monday, 5 September 2011

Quick Stitch!!!

I've always wanted a posh peg bag but the price tags are just too big for my little purse so having scoured the internent (yet again) for inspiration my trusty Brother sewing machine managed to whip up this little gem one morning, and on the plus side it has used up more of the material I purchased a few weeks ago.  I am really chuffed with my bag and looking to making one or two for christmas presents.  Do you think people would mind having a hand made present or do you think they would think it's naff?  I know I would be happy but then I love all things hand made but for some people I just don't know?  mmmm will have to think this through a little more.

And just so you can see my bag up close and personal here's a up close and personal shot. (I love the fact I've never made thse flowers before and with a great tutorial that I found on t'internet I was rather pleased with the result).  Now back to sewing the patchwork quilt which I initially bought the fabric for.  I'm nearly there and will do a ta dah reveal once finished.
Catch you soon.

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  1. that's lovely, and I can't imagine anyone would be upset about a handmade item. I know I would be thrilled.