Monday, 19 September 2011

Best Friends.........

10 years ago I said a sad farewell to this girl as she left for a new life down under.  Obviously we have kept in contact via emails, facebook and telephone calls but boy was it good to see her again.  She is one of my best friends - Nut. Nut by name and Nut by nature.  I cannot even describe the fun we used to have all those girly years ago.  One of the best memories I have is one Boxing day we decided to dress up as Nun's and go out on the town.  What a night, so much fun and mad.  We worked together for over 5 years and partied hard! Truth be known as soon as we walked into a bar you could hear the gasps that the gruesome twosome were out on the town. 
I was so happy when I received an invite to a grand reunion as Nut was back in Blighty visiting with her family.  Even though it was only a short gathering we had a good chin wag and meeting up with so many other people I've not seen for years was great.  When the party came to an end my vow to Nut is that in 5 years time I will go and visit her in Australia. You heard it here first.
and just because I cannot go without leaving another picture here are my two handsome men  (and for the record no I do not let my son drink, he wanted to look even more grown up and cool.)
Speak soon.

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