Sunday, 25 September 2011

Decisions, decisions!

Since moving into our home 11 years ago we've only managed to decorate the living room once.  The sofa desparetly needed replacing and we finally agreed on a style we both liked and felt comfy on.  With the sofa all ordered and a deadline of 7 weeks delivery we have finally pulled our finger out to get decorating.  The only problem now is what colour!  I'm a very plain jane where decorating is concerned and like beige walls then accesorise with colour.  This can then easily be changed from summer cools to winter warmth. Ian is wanting colour on the walls to make a change but I'm just not quite sure. No doubt a heated debate will begin, ooohhh   Decisions Decisions. I will be back with an updated report and photo's of the new room soon.
Lynetta Xx

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