Thursday, 22 September 2011

County Trials and a Farmers Market

Oh yes,  Proud mum moment coming up!  Jack has been playing cricket for 2 very short seasons and we were as proud as punch when we received an email to let us know that his club nominated him to go for County and District trials.  They were to be held one Sunday morning in a neighbouring town.  As we didn't want to put Jack under any undue pressure we decided to leave him at the ground to just get on with it.  2 hours on the field, 1 hour in the nets and 1 hour in the classroom, then a 24 hour wait to see if he was selected.  Sadly the answer was no, but we are so so proud of his achievements, he has done this all on his own merit and dedication to the game and hopefully the door will not be closed for him to try again next year.

So whilst Jack was at the trials myself and Ian poodled off to the town and was pleasantly surprised to find a farmers market taking place.  OOohhh, all the home made goodness right before my eyes.  The jam and marmalade were delicious so we bought some to take home. (I am wanting to make my own next year)
would be rude not to have some bread too!!!

and look at the wonderful cauliflowers - yum yum

and we were even treated to some music from the local Morris Dancers, sadly they were having a cup of tea and a break so it was only the accordinist who entertained us.
I've decided that we should support our local Farmers Market more so will be investigating when it is held and go to buy some scrummy fresh produce soon.

Hope your day is full of fun!
Lynetta Xx

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