Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jolly Jaunt #3

Oh what a lucky girl I've been this summer.  A family trip, and singles trip and now a couples trip.  I'm quite liking this trip milarky :-)   We've been wanting to do an adult camping trip for a while now and decided to take ourselves off to Poole in Dorset with our friends Sarah and Neil.  Due to work commitments we only managed to stay for a day and half but we managed to pack alot of things into 36 hours.

After making ourselves comfy at the campsite here we went into Poole for an early evening stroll.  I loved Poole, it's a big enough town to have a good selection of shops and the marina is lovely without being too posh.  I think what I liked was it felt english without being too cosmopolitan, iykwim.
After a cosy nights sleep and hearty bacon butties made by Neil our first whistle stop was to Weymouth.  A lovely traditional British seaside town.  Why am I so happy to visit these bucket and spade places is beyond me but I am so proud to be British and very proud Councils around the land are starting to re-invest money to make these towns more appealing and traditional warms my heart.

The weather was beautiful, I think Mr Sunshine decided to be kind to us Brits.  We stopped and watched the Punch & Judy show on the beach......
perfected our self portrait
had a little rest
and went to do a little shopping

From Weymouth we headed over to Durdle Door. 

Oh My God, I was gob smacked just how beautiful it is.  We only managed to walk half way down the cliff.  We have made a promise to come back and spend more time here and to go on the beach. It is a long walk down and with only a small handful of people managing to go down it'll be lovely to relax and have a picnic. Perhaps next year!  From here we went to Lulworth Cove, and what a let down, just a few ice cream shops, a small harbour and no beach.  I've crossed that one off my list as seen, done and no need to go back!
Time was fast running out now, so we headed back into Poole for fish and chips (sadly minus the fish for me ), then visted a few shops that closed early yesterday and then made our trip back home.
We loved our little jolly jaunt and will definitley be heading back this way soon.
Toodle Pip
Lynetta  Xx

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