Monday, 3 October 2011

Indian Summer.....

in·di·an sum·merNoun

1. A period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.
Seems as though everyone is talking about the unexpected weather here in the UK so it only seemed right to document it here too.  The Met Office has recorded the hottest October since records began going from a cool 15O to a sweltering 27Oc  within two days.  We thought about going down to the coast for the last minute grab it while you can visit but that's what every man and his dog would be doing so we decided to stay at home and tidy up the garden, do a bit of guttering and window cleaning and get the outside of the house ready for winter. So that's a job jobbed as I say. Tick that one off the list because by the weekend it's going to be back to normal temperatures.

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