Saturday, 29 October 2011

Little things that cheer me up

Why is it that the little things really cheer me up?  I was lucky enough to stumble across this little project on t'internt a while ago and thought it was really lovely.  As I am a skin flint (or thrifty not too sure what you would describe me as!) I downloaded a font called Cross Stitch so I could get the pattern to try my hand at this little piece of homemade goodness.  I think it has turned out really well and was chuffed to finish it within a couple of hours, good going for me!  I'm a little undecided where to hang it, perhaps in my tent? or how about making it into a medalion for my new addition to the house Dave...........

Isn't he the most cutest adorable door stop you have ever seen, he puts a smile on my face everytime I walk through the door.  Jack named him Dave the Doorman, it's a tradition in the family to name any nik naks or fun items around the house, I'll introduce you to a few more at some point.
Two more lie in's before I go back to work after the half term break, roll on Christmas.
Have a great weekend. 
Lynetta Xx

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