Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thoughts on Thursday.......

Just an idea that fleeted through my brain whilst at work the other day I thought about doing a Thought on Thursday. I am going to post a word which will hopefully motivate me over the following week or month, whether this will be something to do, or reflect on or even have a rant about but as I love a routine I will try and keep it up to date either on a weekly or monthly basis.  So with this in mind my Thought for Thursday is BAKE.  I've not baked for a month or two and watching my most favourtie programme, The Great British Bake, the last 8 weeks has given me some new ideas and motivation to do some this weekend.  So what shall it be?  I'm fancying a tray bake of some sorts as I purchased another book and as yet not tried any of the recipes.  Perhaps I should do a Julia and Julia and work myself through one of the books, now that's an idea!  and just so you know I do bake, here is my favourite cake of all time:
a Victoria Sandwich with fresh cream and strawberries.  I'm a simple homely girl at heart and prefer the all round goodness of this cake. 
Anyone for a slice?

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