Thursday, 12 January 2012

It could be me!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back in time?  I do, and all the time I want to go back to being 18 years old in either 1940 or 1890. I can see myself living in a village, living in a little cottage with a small vegetable plot and everyday I would take a ride on my bike go into the village to pick up the essentials.  My bike would have a wicker basket on the front and I would have a bunch of flowers to cheer myself up on the ride home.  I would wear tea-dresses with a cardi and have brown brogues with laces.  Oh the simple life I would lead. I would offer myself up to be a land girl and work on a farm, I know it would be hard work but I feel it is so me.  Do you think I may have missed my time in life? I love everything about this era, it's just such a shame the boys don't appreciate it too as there are so many places that  have reinactment events  in the UK which I would just love to attend.  See this blog HERE, oh how I would love to spend a weekend like this.
On the other end of the scale going back to 1890 I would want to be the daughter of a Doctor or some other profession that was Middle to Upper Class.  I would be a 'Do Gooder' and do voluntary work for the poor hoping I was helping in some way.  I would wear very simple but elegant clothes and sneek down to the kitchen to help cook bake a cake.  I would secretly want a job or profession that a middle class lady would not be expected to yearn for. I love this era in time as the Victorians were pioneers for so many inventions in life and it was the time that Britain did truly rule the waves.
Do you think I watch too much period drama on tele?
Oh well, my Thought on Thursday was good for me and I think I will always yearn for these two periods in time.
The photo above is of the Tweed Run, which is a bike ride around London that has been taking place since 2009.  The participants have to dress up to ride their vintage bikes around the Capital, can you imagine hundreds of bikes all dinging their bells together.  If ever I get a vintage bike (with a soft saddle mind) I will happily make a dress and join in the fun.
Lynetta Xx

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