Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week 2 - Sticky Maple Apple Traybake

Quote from book : Tart-sweet Bramley apples are baked into a very light sponge that is bursting with flavour and finished with an easy-to-make creamy maple topping.
Faff Factor = 6
Bake = 9
Keeping up Appearances = 9

Result = 25/30
Phew, this one was a little challenge.  They always say that baking with fruit can be hit and miss as it can put too much moisture into the cake which can then become a little soggy.  I personally thought the cake was very sweet which really does not suit my pallete so I only had one mouthful to give it a try but my trusty big man & little man (and Sarah) confirmed this was absolutley delicious and have asked me to bake it again.  The sponge was light and moist with the sweetness of apples and the cream cheese frosting was smooth and scrummy. Funny thing  is it reminded me of Gypsy Tart (can anyone remember this from school?), I don't know why because the only common ingredient is brown sugar!
I marked down the Faff Factor as the whole process to get this mixed up and into the oven was nearing 40 minutes, plus it created a lot of washing up!  I don't have the luxury of a dish washer so I used both Ken and Barbie!  I love Barbie, she was great to use to whisk up the egg whites without having to wash Ken's bowl out half way through. 
I obviously would make this on request again and Ian did say that this could be sold in Starbucks.  (I'm taking that as a compliment). 
So onto next week and it's Jack's choice.  I wonder what he is going to choose?  mmmm I'm giving it a guess that it will contain either chocolate or cinnamon!
Be back soon :-)
Lynetta Xx

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  1. Lynee this was lush, the 2 pieces you gave me to take home didn't get offered to anyone else - I stuffed them both!! I am sure you will let me know when you are making this again...... soon please!! ha ha