Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 1 - Bakewell Cupcakes

Faff Factor = 9
Bake = 7
Keeping up Appearances = 9

Result = 25/30And we're off! Week one is now under my belt for my Eat Your Heart Out Mary challenge.  Let me explain a little about my scoring (all marks are out of ten). The Faff Factor -  this is awarded for ease of mixing taking into account the method.  Bake - This is for taste and finally Keeping up Appearances is for can I make it look like the picture in the book!
So my results for Bakewell Cupcakes total 25/30.  I must make a note to use the correct size cases as they were a little large and when I removed them from the tin 6 of my cases fell away from the bake so I had to eat them up before icing them.  I liked this bake, just 3 steps of creaming the butter then add dry ingredients topping up with eggs and milk.  It came together really well.  I've marked down a little for the Bake as the icing had lemon juice added which we found to be a bit sharp compared to the lovely almond sponge so when I make these again I will leave it out.  I feel quite chuffed I've learned something today :-)
Ian has added to my challenge of him wanting to pick a recipe one week, Jack another and me the following. I am now waiting to see what he has chosen hoping it's not one of the more complicated bakes in the book! I don't think I'm ready for that kind of challenge at this point - perhaps week 38?
Have a Happy Monday:-)
Lynetta Xx

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