Friday, 10 February 2012

For medicinal purposes only..........

I seemed to have been hit with the rotten bug that has been spreading around school recently.  I feel so under the weather and was glad we are on an inset day today so I could just wrap myself up on the sofa, watch daytime tele (what a load of rubbish) and generally feel sorry for myself.  At least the chocolate helps where the Beechams cannot touch :-) it's for medicinal purposes so I am allowed a few chunks......
We had another flurry of snow last night but it's nearly thawed out throughout the day, it was the fluffy slushy stuff, but then I'm tucked up inside so not to worry.
at least the forecast is looking a little warmer.  We are on half term next week and I have a few things planned, not to mention my baking.  I've still not decided on what to do for my challenge this week so I better head back off to my comfy sofa to have a read with a cuppa. 
Here's hoping I have a better nights sleep tonight.
Lynetta Xx

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