Saturday, 4 February 2012

Week 5 - White Loaf

Quote from book:  A crusty loaf with a slightly chewy crumb and plenty of flavour isn't hard to make and you only need three ingredients.  You'll make this loaf time and again.
Faff Factor = 5
Bake = 1
Keeping up Appearances = 0
Result = 6/30
Oh dear, I hear you say, What has happened? It just didn't go to plan, that's what....  I was invited to go and spend the afternoon with my friend Sarah baking in her new kitchen and we wanted to do something together so I suggested baking bread.  We thought this would be a great way of baking and still be able to chat whilst the dough is proving. 
All is gong well, just look at that action I've got going!

All is going tremendously well, just look at how well my dough has risen.  I think I should of been a little worried from here on as when I tried to get it out of the bowl it was very wet and just deflated and shrunk immediately.  I knew then that I had over worked the dough but secretly thought it would be OK once baked. So into the oven it went, and look what came out.

DISASTER!!!.  The quote from the book could not of been more wrong for me.  To think Mr Allinson and Mr Hovis had some competition this morning too, (mmmm think again Lyn) they sure don't need to shake in their boots at the moment, ha ha ha.
The last line of the quote from the book was 'You'll make this loaf time and again!',  of course I will as I'm never to be defeated so I will try my hand at another loaf and hopefully I will post here of my great success. 
My scoring reflects my mood and sadness about this bake, but life is too short to worry so I will leave you with a success from this weekend
A Wonderful triple chocolate and fudge cake made in my bundt tin.
Any one for a slice?  Chocolate heaven to cheer me up.
Be back soon.
Lynetta Xx

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  1. Lynee - we had a giggle making the bread, I know you will get it right next time. What time shall I come over for a slice or two of that cake then? Ha ha, happy baking my friend x