Friday, 17 February 2012

Week 6 - Profiteroles

Quote from book:  It's wonderful to watch small blobs of choux dough turn into
ping-pong balls of light pastry in the oven.
Faff Factor = 1
Bake = 1
Keeping Up Appearances = 1
Total score = 3/30
Oh dear oh dear oh dear!  Yet another disaster!  What is happening to me I ask myself.  Have I taken on more than I am capable of? But I wanted to push myself into the unknown so I suppose I will have a bumpy ride along the way.
As you can see from the photo my first attempt at making choux pastry was not a success, no ping-pong of balls came out of my oven, just a flat doughy unedible mess.  It was then I thought 'Lyn don't give up have another go' but this time I used a James Martin recipe and method which you can see had better rising results, but  (and it's a BIG but), on splitting them open after they had cooled down to fill they too were a soggy mess (Good job I didn't whisk up the cream in readiness).  Should I have gone for a third try?  I will, but not yet.  I know I was a little under the weather and probably not in the best frame of mind to bake but I was not expecting a disaster two weeks running.
I am now really questioning the book, or am I making excuses? Time will tell.
I really didn't want to come away from the kitchen with a defeated attitude so I quickly baked some apple and cinnamon muffins (Nigella recipe) as I had some apples needed using.
Success, and scrummy if I say so myself.  These went down a treat with custard for our pudding.
Quick apologies for not keeping up to date with the blog, I have been rather busy preparing for a club I run at school, but I'll tell you all about that in another post.
Toodle Pip.
Lynetta Xx

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