Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday.....

 "In the United Kingdom and Ireland, there is a celebration called Mothering Sunday, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (18 March in 2012). Most historians believe that it originated from the 16th century Christian practice of visiting one's mother church annually on Laetere Sunday, which meant that most mothers would be reunited with their children on this day when young apprentices and young women in service were released by their masters that weekend.
By 1935 Mothering Sunday was less celebrated in Europe. There were efforts to revive the festival in the 1910s–1920s by Constance Penswick-Smith, but it was not revived until US World War II soldiers brought the Mother's Day celebrations to the UK and it was merged with the Mothering Sunday traditions still celebrated in the Church of England. By the 1950s it had become popular in the whole of the UK, thanks to the efforts of UK merchants, who saw in the festival a great commercial opportunity. People from Ireland and UK started celebrating Mother's Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent, the same day on which Mothering Sunday had been celebrated for centuries. Some Mothering Sunday traditions were revived such as the tradition of eating cake.
For many people in the United Kingdom, Mothers Day is the time of year to celebrate and buy gifts of chocolate or flowers for their mothers as a way to thank them for what they do throughout the year." Information from Wikipedia

I love facts and can always remember a programme on TV years ago in which it told you all about our traditions and celebrations throughout the year.  I have always remembered the episode about Mother Sunday and have only ever given flowers and chocolates to my mum and only want to receive such gifts from my boys, (a simple traidional girl, that's me!)

I was a happy bunny today, not only did Jack go and spend alot of his hard earned allowance on a small bunch of flowers (it peeves me to know he was ripped off just because companies can inflate prices on Valentines and Mothering Sunday - that would be one law I would pass if ever I became politician) but I also received a wonderful fragrant rose bush (a pink one too). I have plans to plant this in my garden up against some trellis. I've never grown a rose bush before and I hope within hope that I can see it bloom year after year.  
I'm having a lovely quiet day just pottering around and relaxing but first I needed to make my mum's cake.
There's a sneaky peek on what I baked but I'll leave that to another post as my weekly challenge. My mum was really happy with them (and so was I) just something plain, simple and traditional. 
My photo and scrapbook layout at the start of this post is of my mum, one that I created 5 years ago (blimey doesn't time fly) just a little something I wanted to post as a tribute and honor to say "I Love You  MumXx"
Wishing all you mum's out there a wonderful day and hope it is filled with love, joy and happiness.  With Love
Lynetta Xx

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