Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 8 - Double Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Quote from book:  A simple-to-make cheesecake that's not too rich or sweet,
this contains chips of both dark and white chocolate and is finished with more white chocolate.
Faff Factor =6
Bake = 8
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 23/30
I have only made a refridgerated cheesecake before and have always been a little scared to try the baked method.  I have seen so many tv programmes where the cheesecake has cracked and crumbled it kind of put me off trying, but as I'm on this challenge I plucked up the courage to give a baked one a try. I am pleasantly pleased with the outcome but what a faff.  First after getting all the ingredients combined, then cook for an hour with another hour cooling in the oven followed by not being able to eat it until the following day, far too long a process for me and prefer the 3 hour fridge cake instead.  I want it in my tummy quicker!
So things I have learned today, weigh out all ingredients and never believe that a 200g pot of Philly is 200g, I could only get 184/187g out of each pot, and 300ml of sour cream is only 260ml,  do you think I should write to the companies to let them know they are short changing us? and, I would use a little more butter to bind the biscuit together as it is rather crumbly, as you can see from the photo I did not want to chance it falling to pieces by removing from my pan to plate.
Well that's another bake under my belt, how often I make this recipe I don't know, perhaps I should try a lovely strawberry one next time to compare.
I'm off to a cake show next weekend so not too sure if I'll get a bake done as time will be limited but if I have an evening spare I may just try something quick from my book.
See you soon for another edition of Eat Your Heart Out Mary!
Love to all
Lynetta Xx

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  1. This was excellent, full of flavour and just squidgy widgy in your mouth. I will definitely have to try and bake this myself.