Monday, 19 March 2012

week 10 - Victoria Sponge

Quote from book:  See below!.
Faff Factor =10
Bake = 10
Keeping Up Appearances = 9
Total score = 29/30 (top notch)
My all time favourite cake, a good old fashioned Victoria Sponge, however instead of a large cake I used my new super duper pans from Lakeland (you can find them here) and sorry Mary I have to apologise in advance as I did not follow your recipe, even though I have had great success in the past with your Victoria Sponge, this time I used the WI method.  This consists of weighing the eggs (of which I used 3) and adding the same amount of flour, sugar and butter - and for those who really want to know it was 210g.  
I made these for my mum for Mothers Day and had a few left over for myself and they boys.  I whipped up some fresh cream (with a little added icing sugar) and used a home made jam which I purchased from the Farmers Market which I posted about here
I don't really toot or big myself up over my baking but I have to say they were delicious with a lovely light and airy soft sponge.  I marked down the appearance as I would of liked them to have been flat topped like the advert for the tin but I have been reliably informed that it may have something to do with my oven being too hot, even though it was at the right temperature as the recipe stated.  Next time (which maybe sooner than expected) I will drop it by 20 degrees to see what happens.
I've been looking at my Peggy Porschen book again all week and boy do I want to make one of her cakes.  With the Easter break coming up soon I will have a little more time to titivate so watch this space.
I have also been watching Martha Stewart Bakes on Good Food & Living and am really inspired to use one or two of her recipes too.  I think I'm getting a little obsessed and over the top with this baking and yes, I know, I need to make a pastry recipe!!!!
OK, I'm off to start creating the programmes for our School Production.  It's great to have a diverse of interests in my hobbies, it sure keeps me occupied.
Happy Mondays
Lynetta Xx

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