Friday, 23 December 2011

Baking mad and the demise of Herman!

Yes, I've gone baking mad this week, it's been great not working the week of the run up to Christmas.  I was lucky enough to receive an extra birthday gift from my friend Sarah, a Mary Berry Spiced Christmas Cupcake kit.  Ready made kits are something that I don't really buy and I was really really surprised to see Mary Berry endorse one. I always thought being the queen of cakes telling us to bake from scratch and then finding this on the shelves a little contradictory, but then if Deliha can do it so can Mary!  On opening the kit I was happy to find the actual recipe so at least I will be able to create my own next year. 

They actually turned out quite well however I will be adding a little more spice and only use raisins next year. They went down a treat for Ian's work collegues as not only did he take 12 of these beauties but also whooppie pies and
vanilla cupcakes. 
Whenever he takes them into work I giggle to think of truck drivers sitting down with a cup of tea and a delicate cupcake. It really does make me giggle.
And now I hear you say, "What happened to Herman"?  Oh Herman was looked after for 10 days don't you worry, and I baked him and photographed him.....
tasted him.....
Yuk yuk yukity yuk!!! 
5 seconds in the mouth and I just knew this cake was not for me and I would never give anyone a slice if I did not like it so poor Herman went to the rightful missive place.....I love the concept of sharing the mixture and am really sad I was not able to eat him.  I will have to think of something else to share and pass on to my friends.
So the last couple of days have been filled with baking.  I'm all ready for Christmas, all presents wrapped and food purchased.  Just 2 more sleeps :-)
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells rock.
Lynetta Xx


  1. Did you like the Mary Berry cakes....I too made these & they didnt go down at all well. The brandy in the icing was too overpowering they said (the 'boys')& the cakes were just too massive. Mine are still in the tin awaiting being chucked out!! Sad. x

  2. Oh what a shame Angela, Mine were lovely and the boys never complain about the size of the cakes I bake.