Friday, 16 December 2011

Meet Herman........

So who's Herman I hear you ask?  He is a Friendship cake that I was lucky enough to be given from a work collegue the other day.  For those who do not know what a Herman cake is it's the culinary equivalent of a chain letter. Someone gives you a jar of yeasty mix and a set of instructions on when to add sugar, flour and more importantly when to stir it. Ten days on, you divide the mixture into four, pass three jars onto friends and, with the rest, bake yourself a very yeasty and sugary but surprisingly tasty cake (so I am led to believe).
The name Herman is taken from the Amish sweet, cinnamon-flavoured bread and the cakes have their origins in the sourdough products made by the early American pioneers. I have been informed my Herman is at least 20 years old! There is no sell by date and the current Herman revival comes at a time when we are being encourage to waste less and to share more.  It seems a little strange to pass a cake around but then we would do share cuttings from plants so I am looking at my Herman as a little adventure and hoping that he may come back and visit me again (but then I suppose I could always keep a portion for myself and keep him with me).
I am currently on day 4 so off to give him his feed and stir and no doubt will be updating you on his lifes progress.
And for your interest you cannot actually see Herman at the moment, he's hiding inside that beautiful Mason and Cash bowl I was given last Christmas from Ian waiting to be fed and I also get a chance to use the Russian cups as the recipe only comes in cup sizes.  Oh Happy Day's.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lynetta Xx

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