Monday, 19 December 2011

Deck the halls....

I love Christmas decorations, I have so many that I really need to thin them out a little before I put the wanted ones back up in the loft this year.  This year in John Lewis the decorations are superb as always, I get a lot of inspiration for my decorations from this store.  It was great to see they also chose a Nordic theme as I too decided to do a red and white theme for my table this year. (Spooky, the decorators are obviously on the same wave length as me).
I am so disorganised this year, I need to go into Readng today to get the presents for Ian, Mum and Dad!  3 hours of looking around trying to find the perfect present is not my idea of fun, I would prefer to be at home baking.
and my parting shot today is of my all time favourite decoration on the tree.

Happy Monday's
Lynetta Xx

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