Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Best Laid Plans.....

Oh Dear, I'm not very good at keeping up with this bloggin milarky am I?  Am I full of empty promises? Am I trying to do too much in one day?  Am I just plain silly? Who is to say I should be updating this blog every day and who is to say that I should be doing what I say I am going to do - no one, it's my blog and I'll party when I want too :-)

So quick update from me (so not too let myself down) .  My December daily is now looking like a December monthly so without further delay I'll report the Christmas decorations went up this weekend.  We re-decorated the front room/lounge (I say this with tongue in cheek as the Lounge is for when I want to be posh and front room when it's a casual thing) and removed the out of date fake fireplace so I had plently of decorations to play with.  I made this lovely arrangement to go on one of the side tables, the other one will have the sweeties on and I am currenlty thinking of a Santa pot for them to go into, will have to go and hunt something down.
I am rather pleased with the way it turned out considering it is made up with left over bits and pieces.
I also love this years decoration for Jack. 
We buy one every year and when he leaves home he will take all of them with him for his own tree.
And lastly a little Keep Calm...............

Nothing like a tin of Quality Street to share at Christmas.

Lynetta Xx

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