Friday, 30 December 2011

Bargain Hunt!

I don't really do 'The Sales' as such but I love to go into town after the mad manic sale rush just to see if I can grab myself a bargain.  In previous years I have managed to buy some boots for £50 reduced from £140 and last year my Kenwood Chef from £369 to £140.  So you can see I love a bargain.  This year though I wasn't in need of anything in particular so just popped in on Tuesday to do a little rummaging. It was surprisingly quiet so spent a little time in John Lewis and Lakeland.  I managed to pick all the above up for £11!  I'm secretly in love with my wooden spoon, it has a little Russian Doll on the end and is now dedicated to baking use only.  Wonder what it's going to mix up?
My friend Sarah and I went to Ikea in Southampton yesterday for a mammoth shop. Did you know they now sell Cinnamon rolls in the freezer section?  No, neither did I.  I resisted buying a bag though as I've promised Jack to bake some this weekend and a promise is a promise.  I had such a lovely day, I love shopping with Sarah as we both love a good look about.  As usual I came back with stuff I didn't really need but just had to have, why does Ikea make you do this? I can't wait for the store to open in Reading as this may curb my expenditure when I go there as I'm sure I will only buy what I really need then (famous last words).
So back to today, I'm sorting out the spare room, it's a bit of a mess at the moment and needs a good sort out. At least now I've got Jack's old bookcase from his bedroom which gives me a little more storage space which is something I need. 
Lynetta Xx

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