Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A very quiet Christmas....

He came, he went and he left us with a few delightful presents.  It seems as though year after year our Christmas's are getting more and more grown up and very quiet, oh I do miss the magic of Christmas when you have to pretend but not having a young 'un anymore the sparkle seems to have gone <sniff sniff>.  Jack was pleased as punch to get his own laptop plus alot of clothing from Hollisters and I just love his Primarni Jumper he bought himself to wear (Noel Edmonds eat your heart out!). 
I too was a lucky girl even though we decided not too spend more than £80 on each other this year I was given something that I have been coverting for a few months (how Ian knew I will never know).  So meet Barbie........

and why am I calling this little bit of gadgetry Barbie - because she likes to come out to play with Ken (my Kenwood Chef Premier), seems only right to give her this name.  I am looking forward to giving her a thorough workout soon.  And.... and.... and.... I got these.....
a girl can never have too many cookbooks, or baking books if you look at my window sill.  I spent Christmas afternoon flicking from one recipe to another and oohing and aahhing of the wonderful treats I can now attempt to bake.  I've got something special planned and will let you know about that in another post. Along with other little gifts of chocolate moulds, smellies, slippers and a naughty over the budget present - Tickets to see Mrs Brown's Boys in June - I think I done pretty well.
Our Christmas was relaxing, fun and everything that I hoped it to be in addition to it being very quiet, but I am not complaining after all the rush rush rush of present buying and food shopping I think it's what was secretly wanted.  Ian cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner as usual, we went to mum's and exchanged presents and spent the evening chillaxing watching Dowton Abbey. Perfect.
I'm off to hit the sales to see what bargains I can grab before we go on our traditional trip to London with friends.
See you soon.
Lynetta Xx

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