Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pretty Witty Cupcakes...

I am such a very lucky girl.  My friend Sarah bought me a cupcake baking class at Pretty Witty Cupcakes for my birthday present (one of many may I add - naughty Sarah).  We spent the day learning how to make decorations then onto baking and making buttercream and finally how to use a piping bag.  I know I've done all these things before however it was great to learn how to do it professionally and picked up some really useful tips.  If you are looking for a great (and I mean fantastic light fluffy and moist great) vanilla cupcake visit the website and bake as instructed, they are the best I have ever made.
I even got to wear my apron that I made a few weeks back.  Rather posh and I love it :-) I was really taken with the material when I saw it in the shop and it just screamed at me to make an apron. Only problem was I didn't want to make it dirty but then along came Sarah who was working beside me and when adding her icing sugar turned the dialled the wrong way and booommmmmm it flew everwhere, we did laugh as it is normally me that would do something so silly. It was a great day and loved every minute of it.  Thanks Sarah. Xx

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  1. Thank you Lyn, I had a fantastic day too - despite the mess.....