Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Celebrations

I've been having a few thoughts about food recently and how particular foods relate to certain holiday celebrations.  It's funny that we only eat certain foods at certain times of the year even though it is available 365 - 24/7.  Take the humble Fish and Chips. It's a tradition to eat on Good Friday, Why?  It's a religous rule with Catholics abstaining from eating meat on this day(or if anyone wants to put me right I would be interested to know). Sad to say I am unable to eat fish due to an allergy that I suddenly contracted about 2 years ago - it even ruined one of my New Years Eve celebrations - I vomit within 2 hours of eating fish but the strange thing is I can eat tinned tuna!  So for our first feast of Easter the boys had Fish and Chips and I had a battered sausage (I'm not a catholic).
Saturday afternoon I decided to bake my first Hot Cross Buns.  A Facebook friend posted the recipe and so I whipped these up in a flash. and the tradition to Hot Cross Buns? The cross on the buns symbolises and reminds Christians of the cross that Jesus was cruicified on - another religous meaning to food
and this morning I was greeted with a lovely Roses Easter egg and was even given a 'free' one in the newsagent when I went to collect the Sunday papers.  When I was little I couldn't fathom out the reason for chocolate eggs at Easter and later found out in ancient times an egg was the symbol of fertitily, new life and rebirth hence the egg symbolising Jesus' resurrection.  Here endeth the Humanities lesson :-)
And so back to my original thought of having food associated with celebrations, I guess having cake for Birthdays, Christmas and Easter suits me just fine (it gives me the opportunity to bake even more ) but I will not abstain from eating anything I fancy at any time during the year, I just love my food :-)

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