Friday, 27 April 2012

Special delivery.......

I'm not quite sure what I have done to deserve this but when I got home from work yesterday there was a lovely little parcel happily waiting for me on my doormat. Carefully ripping it open I was greeted by this envelope which bought a HUGE smile to my face.  Firstly because I have never been called 'Divine' and secondly I knew immediatley who it was from because of the handwriting (have I ever told you that I adore your handwriting?) and this was inside:
new bunting :-)  isn't it just the cutest shabby chic bunting you've ever seen and all the way from Australia (that blows my mind that something so British can be sold in Aus) 
M55 NUT - I love you - Thank you :-)
I'm already thinking of it's uses, first it will be for the Jubilee and then I think it will make a visit on my tent, after this in my garden and it may even make an appearance in my little creating room, ooh the possibilities are endless. I will treasure this for the rest of my life.  Thank you sooooooooooooo much Xx (miss you like crazy too and BIG hugs back)
and then today, ding dong goes the bell and there was a little man on my doorstep handing me another parcel.  This one stumped me a bit until I read who it was addressed too, Lynneeeee, well that's my friend's Sarah's term of endearment for me.  Rip rip rip went the parcel and what did I find?
a lovely new book for my collection.  Oh I am a lucky girl.  Thank you Sarah, my PIC (Partner In Crime), this was just what I needed to keep my challenge going for the year.  I've watched all of Eric's Baking Mad programmes and he certainly whips up some tasty treats so watch this space for a little bit of Eric (and watch out Mary, they are hot on your tails).
I feel very blessed to have thoughtful friends who think of me and make me happy. 
Thank You Xx

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