Friday, 6 April 2012

Week 13 - Chocolate Brownies (with a twist)

Quote from book:  Irresistible chocolate squares, originally from Boston. Not just for teatime but perfect warmed through for dessert with a scoop of ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.
Faff Factor =8
Bake = 8
Keeping Up Appearances = 7
Total score = 23/30
A Brownie recipe was not included in the book so I resorted to the Mary Berry Complete Cookbook for my bake.  Whilst surfing on Pinterest (go there it's fab way to get inspiration) I came across the idea of making brownies into creme eggs, if there could be such a thing.  I loosley used the recipe to make my own fondant type filling (icing sugar, butter and golden syrup) I did not however make it gooey enough to run out like the creme egg.  The boys love them but I find them too sweet.  I don't have a sweet tooth and can resist alot of my baking only having small portions to taste.
I enjoyed putting these together, I do not think they are as good as the snickers version which I will be making again.
I really want to bake a cake for Easter and currently thinking Lemon!  Watch this space I'll be back pretty soon.
Happy Good Friday
Lynetta Xx

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