Sunday, 1 April 2012

Week - 12 Mary's Chocolate Roulade

Quote from book:  Totally irresistible, this dessert if made from just a few ingredients: chocolate, eggs, sugar and a little cocoa powder plus double cream for the filling.
Faff Factor =8
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 6
Total score = 23/30
OK, I'm taking my hat off to all of you who can turn out a roulade. My oh my that was difficult.  As you can see mine kind of didn't do a roll more of a fold and for some reason did not crack as much as I've seen in the GBBO book and other places.  I can remember watching a Fanny Cradock episode last year when she made a roulade and with my hand on heart it took her no less than 3 seconds to roll it up, I even had to rewind on the sky + to have another look, amazing.  I've tried to find the episode on You Tube but no luck.  
So, back to my bake, I am very happy with the taste, it is so light a fluffy as you do not use any butter or flour, just eggs which you seperate and whisk the whites which you fold into the yolks, sugar and chocolate.  2 mixing bowls and that's it.  
I was lucky enough to be given a jar of home made summer fruits jam from one of the parents  at school which I liberally smoothed over the sponge before adding the cream.  I am glad I did as it gave the roulade that extra special taste. 
And my lesson learnt this week - be more watchful on how much icing sugar you use to decorate the roulade! 
I will definatley be giving this one another shot, as I know I can improve on the rolling.
Here's to next time :-)
Lynetta Xx

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