Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week 14 - Lemon Limoncello Cake

Quote from book This is a very lovely cake - light , moist and full of flavour with a refreshing pale lemon buttercream icing
Faff Factor =8
Bake = 9
Keeping Up Appearances = 7
Total score = 24/30
Move over Mary, Peggy Porschen's in the house.  This week I wanted to bake something for me and something girly.  Since going to the cake show the other month and meeting Peggy Porschen and buying her new book I have been itching to bake this cake and to have a go at piping buttercream.  The score I have given for keeping up appearances is a little low as I need alot more practice with my covering and piping (and the cake in the book had daises as a decoration and I did not have the time to make any) what took Peggy 20 minutes took me over an hour!.  I'm also not too happy with the cake board as it's little too big which meant I could not cover right down to the bottom, I think I'm being a little too picky here as it's only for aethesitc reasons why I say this. 
But the bake was wonderful.  I was a little worried as the recipe used 4 eggs with 200g each of butter,sugar and flour and thought it would be really dense and heavy, however it's light, moist and really really scrummy. 
I omitted the Limoncello though as I am a skin flint and could not justify buying a bottle at £14 so I made extra lemon sugar syrup to compensate and it did not dissappoint.  It has the right amount of lemony tangy taste but not bitter, if you know what I mean, as some lemon cakes are very sharp and over sweet.
Something I learned today was to brush the cake with the syrup, wrap in clingfilm and chill before frosting, I love learning something new in my baking challenge.
So anyone for a slice?  You better hurry up as this is the last slice remaining which I am sure will find it's way into my tummy before the end of the day.
Hope you're having a restful Sunday, I am.
Lynetta Xx

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