Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubliee Afternoon Tea....

We've had such a wonderful weekend celebrating the Jubilee. Ok so we didn't go to a street party, and we didn't go into London to join the crowds but we've watched everything possible on the TV to join in the celebrations.  There have been some wonderful programs about the Queen, my favourite one being with Prince Charles watching childhood footage of his mum, it really bought home how human and down to earth she really is, and what a wonderful parent she has been to all her children. 
Another programme I really enjoyed was with Rolf Harris where he invited artists of all capabilities into his pop-up art studio at The Old Vic Tunnels in Waterloo (see the amazing work HERE ), sadly it is only open until this weekend and we will not be able to get there to view it. 
I loved this idea.  It's all photographs that have been collaged together.
I would love to learn how to do this.
I'm also posting this link -  Jubilee - in hope that in years to come it will still link in as it gives great coverage of all the events that happened over the weekend and I would love to look back and reminisce.
Do you like my Afternoon Tea?  It was a lovely spread :-)  and guess what? I forgot to make the tea I purchased at Fortnum & Mason's, what a numpty.  I will keep it safe and have another afternoon tea on the lawn in the summer and toast The Queen once again.
I was mighty impressed with my Victoria Sponge, and as this is my weekly challenge I will tell you all about it in another post.
The weather has been pretty lousey all over the weekend with heavy downpours with more forecasted over the coming days.  I'm on half term at the moment, it's a good job we didn't plan to get the tent out which we normally do at this time of year, we wouldn't of been happy chappies but I am missing being in Lyme Regis.  I really need to make a visit soon, I need my seaside fix!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend celebrations.
Toot toot
Lynetta Xx

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