Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Jolly part 2

A postcard from Christchurch :-)
So where was I, Oh yes my little jolly to Dorset.  On the sunday morning after a pleasant breakfast at the hotel (which was the only good thing about it may I add) we went into the nearby town of Christchurch.  What a lovely little town it is too. The weather once again was really cold and it started to rain, you now the one - a light drizzle that makes you wet - so we quickly walked around the Quayside and through the Priory walk, past a lovely cricket green which finally had some flowers planted to make it jolly, down a little lane where we found a ducking stool.  It was a little eery and strange to know these stools were used amongst other things as punishment for women of ill repute and witch craft.  Neil being Neil, decided to have a little sit in the stool, shame it was tethered with a chain otherwise we all would of had great pleasure in giving him a duck :-)
From here we meandered into the town centre as the shops were finally open for a little nosey around.  Shame they didn't have any good tat shops though but found a lovely shop called Kiki's where I treated myself to a little momento.  Sweet little thing it is too and will go nicely with some other pieces I bought last year from Poole which by the way I've mislaid in the house somewhere!  Must be my age :-)
See you all soon
Lynetta Xx

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